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Apollo 11

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Chris Hadfield was kind enough to bestow us with a gallery of photographs taken from The International Space Station.



Imbedded in that link was another one by him about how space travel expands your mind.

I don’t wanna overstate this, but, Chris Hadfield is the greatest astronaut in the history of everything.

I think his books are as inspiring as his photos are exquisite.  And delivered with the sort of humour you come to expect from every great Canadian.  I’d say his experience in space was humbling, but, I’m pretty sure he came that way.  It’s no Oddity…


Yes, the greatest!  That Space Oddity video is super cool.

I’ve read many of his articles and seen numerous videos, but have not yet read any of his books – but now I intend to.

And I’d say the more Canadians in the space program, the better. (We did have some scientists working on the Apollo missions too.)


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