Thoughts and prayers for El Paso victims

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03 August 2019 17:56

It seems a lot of people were not thinking or praying hard enough to stop today’s mass murder rampage in El Paso, Texas.  19 dead at a Wal Mart and a nearby shopping mall.  Where were the NRA’s good guys with guns to stop him?

Start up the usual news cycle for it:
1. Governor asks for thoughts and prayers.
2. Somber moment of silence and candle light vigil.
3. Wait until next week and repeat.

I’ll give the NRA credit for figuring out a way to make money off of murder, and the organization is an inspiration to me to join that grief/crisis/fear gravy train.  How can I do it without compromising my anti-2nd Amendment principles?

Brick Bungalow
Brick Bungalow
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03 August 2019 20:50

Gun sales go through the roof in the immediate aftermath of each attack. It’s the very definition of stupidity.

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07 August 2019 21:15

My thoughts and prayers go out to the “Thoughts and Prayers” people who’s resilience and endurance is remarkable if not self-medicating delusion.
(My deepest sympathies go out to the victims and families and communities of El Paso and Dayton).
Prayers are answered statistically no more than random chance.  I was perplexed by the recent prayer vigils at Notre Dame while the fire raged in the background! 
Self-medicating delusion, perhaps a hose would have been more effective. 
I had a recent occasion to engage with a catholic priest about the systemic child sexual abuse in the catholic church.  Fr Rob asked for “thoughts and Prayers” to remove this scourge from the Catholic church, I reiterated ” Prayers are answered statistically no more than random chance.” and that I preferred secular law as a intervention.
His reply was prayer is ” not to deny law and justice.”  I said which would you choose Fr Rob as a driver to an outcome. A) 1.2 billion Catholics praying or B) one outraged parent accompanied by a policeman to process secular law.  Fr Rob did not answer I wonder why?