It was all only a dream . . . 

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24 August 2019 11:32

It was all only a dream . . .

Other examples of ‘it was all only a dream’:

1.  Noah’s wife shaking him - “Get up!  It’s time to bring in the goats!”  The rain, the instructions from God, building the giant ark, loading all the animals, the dove coming with the leaf . . . it was all only a dream!

2.  Trump waking at 2 A.M. and finding Ivana asleep beside him.  The TV show, Melania, Stormy, the primaries, the election, the White House, Enemies of the People, the Russians, James Comey, Robert Mueller, the tax returns, Manafort in prison, the Chosen One . . . it was all only a dream!

3.  Charles Darwin, the country vicar with wife and 10 children . . a dream begins with his boyhood beetle collection,  then seasick on the voyage of the Beagle, the Galapagos coming into view, the giant tortoises, the finches’ beaks, writing the Origin of Species, the cartoons lampooning him as a monkey in the Daily Times, three kids jumping on the bed and laughing!  It was all only a dream!