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08 September 2019 10:41

Here’s a poem by the fifteenth century Persian Sufi poet Jami. On a superficial reading one might think it just an ordinary religious verse. It certainly seems to say the same things Brother Mario keeps harping on, but does it…?

In this place of perplexity and travail
thou rest still, eyes and ears fast closed,

neither sign of sight in thine eyes
nor trace of hearing in thine ears—

how long will thou neither listen nor observe,
how long sit deaf and blind?

For one moment take the path of the aware
renounce the companionship of the misguided,

strip the veil from the eyes of world-sight,
look around thee, ahead, behind, up, down,

look and discover the nature of this whirling circle
and that which encompasses it, that which surrounds you:

Who raised above thine head this patchwork umbrella,
Who painted it with colorful designs,

Who made the sun the light of day,
Who made the moon a candle in the night?

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23 September 2019 14:44

Well, this one is refreshingly devoid of cursing.