California law roils anti-vaxxers

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15 September 2019 17:16

SB 276 was signed into law last week and the anti-vax numbskulls are fit to be tied.  The new law is a response to a law passed in 2015 which removed personal, philosophical, and religious beliefs as a reason not to vaccinate children.

It comes four years after California banned personal and religious exemptions to childhood immunizations. Since then, medical exemptions have tripled, which Pan says was the result of unscrupulous doctors selling or granting fraudulent approvals to children who don’t need them because of family anti-vaccination views, rather than out of medical necessity.


The anti-vaxxers are being called out for their lies and they don’t like it.  If their child truly has a medical exemption, then this law should not be a problem.  The state is asking for a second opinion, which is medically sound, but the anti-vaxxers don’t want to lose their chosen doctors who write exemptions unethically.  They will need to think of new lies to avoid vaccinating their children.