Echo in the Canyon

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12 November 2019 11:15

This¬†unusually well edited/produced documentary¬†might be my all-time favorite non-bloody history story, so I’ll link a review that negatively critiques it, though only mildly:

I have no idea why Joni Mitchell got left out of it—or why she might have declined participating in this effort. But I’m not exactly a fan of either of the Dylans musically, so I can’t help but wonder if she might have felt disagreeably about signing off on the project. That’s my biased suspicion. We also don’t hear much at all about Carole King. Was she too square for Dillon now to consider her uniquely pleasant songs to be historically important?

Though the Dylan family in general seems to me to be more poetically talented than musically so, I appreciated the younger Mr. Dillon’s apparent organization/production skills. For instance, he enlisted Regina Spektor and a couple of other (to me) unlikely though quite skilled vocalists to do the performance heavy lifting, and each of them proved more than competent. It’s an unusually focused examination of what became an important musical and cultural trend.

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