Trump calls major newspaper an enemy of the people.  Anyone in the military listening?

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27 November 2019 13:06

Trump calls the New York Times an enemy of the people.

Who is listening to the Commander in Chief?

Will Trump stay in power if military extremists begin to attack U.S. newspapers and Trump critics?  Couldn’t happen here?

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30 November 2019 10:48

I feel a bit like a “very few tricks” pony but…

I trace this back to the Oligarchy. Here’s how I connect the dots:

- trump is clearly a fascist
- a substantial slice of the population still supports him (argh)
- a substantial slice of the GOP party still supports him (argh)

I think the most plausible reason that a citizen would support him is because the citizen’s life is crap. It’s crap largely because of income and wealth inequality.

I think the most plausible reason that a GOP politician would support him is because that politician is in the pockets of big business.

So in both cases, Oligarchs are f#cking everything up.


Lest anyone wants to trot out the tired “oh, you must be an extreme left socialist” trope…

No, I think that the way our economic system was implemented under Ike is close to the economic model we should be striving for. Hardly an extreme left position.

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Brick Bungalow
Brick Bungalow
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30 November 2019 11:15

In my opinion he has been dog whistling the violent fringe of the right since well before the primary. His endorsement of certain radio personalities left this in little question for me.

His recent court martial pardon is probably the scariest move of all. This is sure to excite the psychopathic element in our foreign deployments. This should worry residents in nations where the U.S. has military bases but it should also worry reporters working in those places.