Anti-Semitism and Jeremy Corbyn

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07 December 2019 09:26

Sam’s podcast with Bari Weiss was some time ago now, so I realise that this topic may have been discussed to death. Apologies if so.

On most topics I have seen her comment on, not just in this episode, I found Bari to be articulate and sensible. However she is just plain wrong on the topic of Jeremy Corbyn, and I wish Sam had the knowledge to have challenged her on it, as, unfortunately,  from what I can remember, Sam seems to be taking as gospel much of what has been said of JC by his detractors.

I have been a UK Labour party member and voted for them. Just as I have for the Green Party, and the Liberal Party. No UK party really 100% suits me, which is why I am currently a member of none, and try to vote for the party whose overall position is closest to mine. Normally this is the UK Liberal Party. What I am trying to say, is that I am not on the hard left, and whilst there would be much I would agree with JC on, I am sure there would be much I did not.

Bari smeared JC, not only on this episode, but also on the Bill Maher show, as an Anti-Semite, and apparently she knows loads of Jews in the UK who are ready to up sticks and leave should JC become PM. This is utterly ludicrous, and shows such an incredible detachment from reality that is has me shacking my head in utter disbelief every time I hear it.

Anyone who cares to do even the slightest amount of research on JC KNOWS he is as far from being an Anti-Semite as is possible. For those who can’t be bothered to research this, then I can only hope that you at least pay attention to the below:

Fifty times Jeremy Corbyn stood with Jewish people

Footage from 2006 - Corbyn on Anti-Semitism

As for the Labour Party as a whole, it seems very clear, that if you are a Labour Party member then you ae less likely to be Anti-Semetic than a member of the general UK public:

Although in the same article, it also says that Jews feel the Labour Party are more likely to be Anti-Semitic, this is almost certainly significantly effected by the fact that for every 1 person of Jewish heritage who votes Labour, 3 would vote Conservative.

Bari and Sam touched on NONE of this is there episode, which continues to be a matter of frustration for me.

Any objective assessment of JC would clearly show him to be a man who defends ALL minorities, and wants EVERYONE to be treated with respect and compassion. Sam needs to educated himself properly on who Jeremy Corbyn is, and if he wants to get to the truth, challenge those who defame JC.



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07 December 2019 12:09

The American perspective on anti-Semitism is a direct result of their relationship with Israel.  An extremely narrow view that allows citizens to ignore historical context as well as the present day genocide of the neighbouring Palestinians.  Which is nothing more than a smoke screen in order to justify its military might. 

The indoctrination runs deep and explains why otherwise intelligent people like Mr. Maher, Dr. Harris and Ms. Weiss feel the way they do about the issue.  Along with many other Americans who are either unaware of the truth or too afraid to speak up for fear of being labelled an anti-Semite like in the unfortunate case of Mr. Corbyn.

Thanks for the informative post.  And welcome back to the forum.

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07 December 2019 12:22

What if I just don’t care about the Jews or who they beat up, because I have my own problems in life to deal with, does that make me Anti-Semitic? I guess that depends on definition of the people complaining on the internet.