Terry Jones

Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
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22 January 2020 17:44

Terry Jones, famously known as one of the members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, has died today.

Jones contributed greatly to the surreal, anarchic and brave new form of comedy that was Monty Python.

The Pythons took on everyone — politicians, religion, the military, the police, as well as the everyday madness of ordinary people. Like a distorted mirror, they reflected our collective lunacy back at us.

Jones was an accomplished historian, cook, writer, director, wit and comedian.

Here are a couple of his quotes from the link BBC below: 

“It (the Life of Brian) wasn’t about what Christ was saying, but about the people who followed him. The ones who for the next 2,000 years would torture and kill each other because they couldn’t agree on what he was saying about peace and love.”

“My constant theme is that the medieval world is similar to ours in that the same people always take advantage of the same people. Humanity doesn’t change all through the centuries.”



Nhoj Morley
Nhoj Morley
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27 January 2020 10:22

Terry Jones gave Python continuity. He demonstrated high standards for comedy even in vulgarity. I recommend his documentaries. Not that Python wasn’t highly educational in its own way.