Making Sense podcast transcriptions/translations for non-english speakers

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12 February 2020 09:45

Hey all,

I’m an excited listener of Sam’s podcasts and often find myself telling my german dad about episodes and I would love him to be able to listen to some of Sam’s stuff. Unfortunately, his English isn’t good enough to follow along. So I’d love to somehow enable him to listen to certain episodes translated to - in his case - German.

Has anyone of you faced that issue before and solved it in some way via an automatic transcription -> translation setup? Or are there any people transcribing his episodes? I’m sure, modern speech-to-text could be quite successful with his style of conversations (mostly only one speaker at a time speaking in quite clearly formulated speaking style). I did find a forum thread which is from 2017 though (

I’d be happy hearing from anyone who has some ideas about this.

Cheers, Jonathan