Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?

Cheshire Cat
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01 August 2020 18:53

In 2016, philosophers and scientists convened at the American Museum of Natural History, to ponder the idea that the universe is a computer simulation.

Scientific American wrote about the event under the topic category of physics.

Famous astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, put the odds at 50-50.

An idea previously put forth by philosopher Nick Bostrum, stated that if civilizations were technologically advanced enough to run simulations: “They would probably have the ability to run many, many such simulations, to the point where the vast majority of minds would actually be artificial ones within such simulations, rather than the original ancestral minds.”

“Many-Worlds”, anyone?

MIT cosmologist, Max Tegmark, thought that since our universe is based on mathematical laws, which are rigid, this might be indicative of an extremely advanced computer code behind it all.

Theoretical physicist, Lisa Randall, wondered why a higher species would want to waste their time simulating us, and put the chances of such an idea being correct at zero.

She obviously hasn’t seen “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Philosopher, David Chalmers, believed that proving the universe was a simulation would be impossible, because “You’re not going to get proof that we’re not in a simulation, because any evidence that we get could be simulated.”

Then, there are semi-religious implications raised if we are a simulation from an advanced race of beings. Questions about eternal life and resurrection appear, assuming a simulation program can be run over and over again.

And then there’s this question: “And if someone, somewhere created our simulation, would that make this entity God?”

At this notion, Chalmers quipped, “Our creator isn’t especially spooky, it’s just some teenage hacker in the next universe up.”

I wonder if he has acne?

I wonder also, if instead of being a simulation, we aren’t instead inside an advance computer game? Perhaps technologically evolving civilizations get to a point where they gain the ability to reprogram the very game they exist within? They would get to rewrite their roles and become the very gods and goddesses of their own mythologies.

But then again, by taking on “the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything,” we may be merely deceiving ourselves. Maybe our primate brains will never grasp the ultimate reality.

After all, isn’t the entire argument about the universe being a computer simulation, really, just a fancier and more sophisticated version of the ancient notion of gods and goddesses up in the sky, pulling the strings of our lives, and having fun doing so?


Nhoj Morley
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08 August 2020 09:26

This is a lonely thread.

This question has gone out of fashion if only because no one can imagine what sort of twisted sadistic mind could design this simulated shit-show.

I say the probability is zero.000000001.

Human consciousness cannot be in a computer unless it is somehow a trioon computer. That aside, what is this a simulation of? What actual creation is this simulation being run in? If the problems of this simulation are based on the problems of some real world, what difference does it make? Too silly.