Can Trump fire top military brass and put yes men in their place?

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09 September 2020 12:12

Top Military Officers Unload on Trump
“The commander in chief is impulsive, disdains expertise, and gets his intelligence briefings from Fox News.”

quote:  “The generals I spoke with didn’t agree on everything, but they shared the following five characterizations of Trump’s military leadership.

Trump has little interest in the details of policy. He makes up his mind about a thing, and those who disagree with him—even those with manifestly more knowledge and experience—are stupid, or slow, or crazy.

As a personal quality, this can be trying; in a president, it is dangerous. Trump rejects the careful process of decision making that has long guided commanders in chief. Disdain for process might be the defining trait of his leadership. Of course, no process can guarantee good decisions—history makes that clear—but eschewing the tools available to a president is choosing ignorance. What Trump’s supporters call “the deep state” is, in the world of national security—hardly a bastion of progressive politics—a vast reservoir of knowledge and global experience that presidents ignore at their peril. The generals spoke nostalgically of the process followed by previous presidents, who solicited advice from field commanders, foreign-service and intelligence officers, and in some cases key allies before reaching decisions about military action.”

Read article to see 4 other characterizations of Trump’s military leadership.

Q:  Will he put new generals in place before the election to help him stay in power if he loses? 

How would that be possible?