Artificial Intelligence and how incredibly scary it could be if the wrong people wrote it first… and..

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20 February 2021 02:42

It turns out that “G” had 2 people leading it’s “Ethics” team 5 months ago… when they fired one.
Yesterday (give or take - Feb 19th? 2021) they fired the other one.

I’ve been programming since 78 and programming AI since 86.. and thinking about it a lot.. and Gogol and ethics seems kinda like oil and water to me. Just try and even Find half of the “Terms of Service” they have for the hundreds, more likely thousands of websites they have their fingers in. Then just try and read the ones you can find by starting from their main page. Have a nice next few months if you’re already excellent at lawyer-speak/write.

I hope it’s just a management disagreement or something but the wrong people with a real AI could easily be so very bad for most of the world so few have so little idea how bad. Even the few podcast interviews he did where he talked about how scary it could be.. He’s brilliant - WAY more than me - but not at programming or AI - and when he said it could be scary, it was pretty clear that he had no idea either just how much someone/company could do with such a thing.

I’m trying to write one on my disability salary (as in still have to save for a bit before I can get a truly functional"demo” to encourage investors.

Hope for the best.

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21 February 2021 03:17

Vladimir Putin has said that whoever gets human-surpassing AI first will “rule the world.” Certainly he wants to rule the world. I imagine Xi Jinping does too. Right now our best hope probably lies with some under-the-radar but politically savvy hackers who are not working for any government or corporation.