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Sleepwalking Toward the Edge of a Cliff

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17 April 2021 11:08

I appreciate your thoughts on this.  Regarding the general (U.S.) public’s sleepwalking toward the edge of a cliff - in your opinion, how close did Trump come to becoming the supreme commander of the military . . . of the Pentagon?  Polls say that most white men in America support Trump.  Most in the military are white men.  Trump was definitely the hero of paramilitary groups across the country.  Under Trump’s command they attacked the Capitol with the intention of taking prisoners . . . prisoners like Pence, Pelosi, Romney and more of their commander’s ‘enemies of the people’.  In short, did Trump come close to controlling the military and staging a coup?  Did he come close to having military support to back his claim that he won the 2020 election?  To stay in power until he had quelled ‘the enemies of the people’?  (stay in power like other despots around the world).

On the theme of ‘the world’s most powerful and expensive military’ - do you think a David and Goliath analogy is applicable?  The Vietnam War?  The Afghan War?

Cyber War?  Could a pip-squeak deliver a punishing blow in spite of our enormous military machine?  https://securityboulevard.com/2020/01/why-is-u-s-infrastructure-vulnerable-its-software-is-vulnerable/

Was it EN who recently suggested that civilization is toast without an effective world government?

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