Vaccines: A Measured Response

weird buffalo
weird buffalo
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29 May 2021 13:16

Vaccines: A Measured Response.

It’s close to 2 hours long, but I’ll give it a summary:
The video takes an in-depth look at Andrew Wakefield, his famous paper that linked vaccines and autism, and investigates all the reasons that this was horrible.  Not only was the science as presented in the paper and immediate aftermath bad science (and I don’t mean in a moralistic way, but that it was a study conducted poorly), but it turns out that study was the product of direct fraud intended to enrich the author.

Six months prior to publishing his original study, Wakefield patented a new vaccine.  It was not an MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) vaccine, but just a measles vaccine.  Wakefield had been contracted by a lawyer for the purposes of discovering evidence that could be used to sue MMR vaccine manufacturers.  If successful, such a lawsuit would be worth millions, potentially hundreds of millions, of pounds (or dollars, it was still a lot of money).  If successful, it would also mean that there would need to be replacements for the MMR vaccine.  Wakefield was intentionally publishing evidence to support this plan, and so also saw the opportunity to make himself rich by selling the new vaccine.

Taken at face value, the original study is deeply flawed.  It has 12 subjects, and the primary source of reporting is the opinion of the parents.  It turns out though that this is a lie.  The parents never reported a link between the MMR vaccine and autism to Wakefield.  One parent didn’t report an autism diagnosis, but Wakefield changed it.  Another parent reported symptoms of autism prior to the vaccine, but Wakefield changed that to after as well.  So, not only was it a bad study, but it was a study based on fraudulent medical records.

Wakefield is the primary source of vaccine hesitancy.  Nearly all “scientific” claims about vaccines can either be traced to him or his cohorts, or they appear after his claims and seem to be highly derivative of his “work”.

Most of the video is based on the work of journalist Brian Deer.  He published a new book last year The Doctor Who Fooled the World.

There’s one person in particular I think should watch the video, but I’m sure they will disregard all of the evidence presented since it’s “lost in the weeds” of using details and evidence.

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29 May 2021 16:52

Don’t hold your breath.

Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
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30 May 2021 17:37

This seems like an interesting topic and video, weird, and I will check it out when I get the time.

Speaking of vaccines: I got a Shingles (Shingrix) shot last Wednesday. It knocked me on my ass. I had full-on flu symptoms for a day which included a fever of 100.5, body aches and fatigue. The skin over my left deltoid muscle where I got the injection, has a red patch which is about three inches wide and six inched deep. It’s still sore to the touch although it’s improving.

In four months I’m supposed to get a second shot to achieve 90% immunity from ever developing Shingles. I’m not looking forward to that. I’ll try and schedule the shot on a Friday because I might be ill the following day.