the movie: Iceman

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07 July 2021 18:38

This film is based on archeological evidence with a historical screenplay to support it.  It’s main message is the constant throughout the film and relays the value of being-ness for Human evolution (or the heart connection as it relates to community). This keeps the tone for the film as well.  The reason I am mentioning this here is because I think with multiple viewing you can unveil a deeper level than the previous viewing; with the intention of learning to think about this theme in a new way.
If you have already seen this film or plan on watching it feel free to comment on why you liked or didn’t like it.
Thank you

Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
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07 July 2021 20:48

When I saw the title of this movie, I wondered if it was based on the freeze-dried mummy found in the Italian Alps, referred to as Otzi. However, since the movie was made in 1984 and the mummy was found in 1991, this cannot be the case.

But it did get me thinking. It is mildly surprising that no one has tried to make a movie about the real iceman, Otzi. With enough imagination a screenwriter could come up with some interesting material, and the spectacular setting of northern Italy and the Alps would be visually stunning.

And, of course, the fact that Otzi was tracked down and murdered by an arrow shot into his back by other bronze age men who must have know him, only adds to the dramatic intrigue.

I’ve always found a certain irony surrounding poor Otzi. Against incredible odds, his body survived under a glacier for 5,500 years. His body was found in a remote mountain pass not long after it was uncovered by the receding ice and before it could decompose — again beating astounding odds. Finding Otzi at all was like finding a needle in a haystack. And then, to top it off, it turns out he was murdered. What are the odds of that? Otzi will go down in history as the oldest victim of murder ever found.