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07 September 2021 11:32
Jan_CAN - 07 September 2021 09:44 AM
Nhoj Morley - 06 September 2021 10:37 PM
Jan_CAN - 05 September 2021 07:47 PM

I tried to join up under another name (Jan2_TEST).  All seemed okay until I tried to logon using that name, but received the message:  The following errors were encountered - Your membership account has not been activated yet.

Nhoj, I remember a while back when there were problems here you were collecting some of our e-mail addresses.  Would it be possible for you to contact these members to let them know what’s going on and that we’re still here?

My address collection is meager and mostly includes the current active patrons.

Activating a new member is something a super-admin can do. I wonder who activated Mr. Bowyerz or Mr. Avery?”

If an another version of this forum were whipped up, maybe with a name like The Project Reason Forum, would folks want to participate there? I have the means to do that. Would it pan out?

Should there be any further developments or problems like difficulty logging in or a 404 message, patrons can find relevant announcements on my main page at nhojmorley.com.

Nhoj, thanks for the info and for your plans to keep us informed via your own website.

Should the SH Forum become completely defunct, I would be interested in another forum like The Project Reason Forum in order to keep in contact with the members here.

Same here.  The warning that greets me each time I start to log in . . . it’s like there’s Nile crocodiles lurking in the bulrushes.  (see my Sep. 5 post above)


Nile crocodiles are opportunistic apex predators; a very aggressive species of crocodile, they are capable of taking almost any animal within their range. They are generalists, taking a variety of prey


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15 September 2021 09:16
Nhoj Morley - 05 September 2021 05:37 AM

The word from upstairs is…

The security issue will not be resolved. Maintenance will not be done. Mere Admins do not have access to the inner workings here.
(as many patrons have discovered) and the risk seems minimal.

It is uplifting to see so many patrons braving the murky waters of unsecured certification.

I don’t believe it’s actually technically unsecured. I believe they either just let the cert expire, or they used a cert that they just self-signed.
However, if some elite hacker after the trillions of dollars stored here, he/she may be able to find a way to hack the site, thus enabling the person to put a copy of the site up, and being unable to legitimately sign, we’d all still get the invalid cert and not notice the difference unless someone just “happened” to have looked at the records before (as I just did) *and* have to check the records again after the was duplicated, and notice the difference…

It appears to be physically hosted by amazon’s AWS (makes a bit of sense since he’s friends with Bezos (?) - I’m bad with names) but the provider seems to be godaddy.

When I signed up a few years ago, Karl pretty much said (when I asked about a forum/community) that there’s still this one, but pretty much seemed support, officially.. was terminated, and of course that link was removed from the other site so nobody will find it without effort, and as you or someone said, it sounds like you can’t register anymore anyway.

It’s sad, because for the first 2 or 3 years I tried to contact him at least a couple dozen times, even through the (ick) social media sites.

I signed up for the first zoom session, and asked a very thought out relevant question, and got in the room, but it seemed like he just answered a few (purely?) silly questions for a laugh and then said something about I think my friend (someone?) is here too, right..? and seemed to just chat with that guy for the rest of the time.. so I ignored the next/other zoom session(s).

He did change my life when I started watching him, about 4+ years ago, he was interviewing a lot of top people working in AI, and after watching several of them, a number of pieces of the puzzle fell into place, to the point that I suspect I have a logical, rational path. However I haven’t known anyone in person that even knows anything about AI except the TV ads, and no interest anyway.. besides, I took my first AI course in ‘86, and started programming in ‘78, so it’d take a while to get them caught up even if they had the slightest interest. Co-incidentally, the 1987 AAAI annual conference was in Seattle, so the instructor of the classes and a bunch of students went and I bummed a ride.. the only US city I could get to. Now, (I don’t think back then, but not sure, that the annual AAAI conferences were only in the US, but it seems now they’re definitely in Canada too, as next year’s is right here in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  It’s in the biggest igloo in our gathering area, you can’t miss it. wink  Lucky co-incidence again.

[cut a bunch - too long.. put it in my profile.]

Couple/few months ago, China apparently said “We WILL be first” - and the scary part is that they could probably fairly easily put together and Annual multi-Trillion dollar budget Just for AI R&D.
Nobody talk about it.. some say what if it gets smart and decides we’re in the way or similar.. but I don’t think that’s the problem.. and the people spending the many, many billions annually at the top aren’t all that stupid. They just don’t want to advertise it.
There will be no 2nd place.
Unless by some bizarre freaky co-incidence two separate groups complete their functional machine within a day or two. Then there may be a race that will last anywhere from seconds to maybe a week or two..
1st place will (if it works as people spending the billions, and as I expect it to..) have so much power, so fast… most literally wouldn’t believe how quickly the technology acceleration curve will look a lot more like the corner of a square.
So I’m in the race too, with my ~11k annual budget. But if I’m first, nobody will starve, or lack of *good* food, and decent housing. Do you think these people with billions and billions already, not spending more than a drop in the bucket, if that.. to help people.. and probably just for tax write offs.. will suddenly start spending all their money to help everyone?
But I have to meet people who know quite a bit about AI, programming, and a couple other things… that I can also trust them with the lives of 7 billion people. If 1st place is a nut-job.. they could easily terminate human, (or all) life on the planet.
Sorry, probably nobody still reading, but just in case.. wish me luck.

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15 September 2021 10:23

I’ve had agia.ca for a couple years, but hardly touched it.. just sayin, I could probably change it to something fairly short (.ca) and maybe you could help set it up.. just a thot.
(I try to spend all the time I can on the AI)  wink

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