Paige Harden’s new book and more on the Charles Murray dustup

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09 September 2021 14:05

I went back and partially listened to the Paige Harden podcast.  She tries to make the point that there being a genetic basis for variation in intelligence between individuals does not imply there’s a genetic basis for variation in intelligence between races.  Meanwhile, Harris most prominently whines that he was slandered and libeled by the Vox article she contributed to. 

Here is one of the Vox articles:  In it, the authors quote the parts of the Murray podcast which they say show Harris endorses the assumption that differences across racial groups are in part genetically based.  This is the “default” assertion Harden says has no factual, no scientific basis, and is just speculation.

Do you think it’s racist to ignore what is probably one of the best scientists on the subject, to assert the claim that measured IQ differences between races have at least a partial genetic basis?  Do you think it’s anti-scientific?