"Tough grandma survives 2 weeks in Oregon wilderness&qu

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09 September 2007 18:37

... so read the headline on a page 2 article in the 9-8-07 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Sounded like an interesting story…

"Baker City, Ore. - A woman in her 70s has astounded doctors by surviving almost two weeks in the thick woods of Eastern Oregon's rugged Wallowa Mountains.

"Dotors said Doris Anderson was hours from death when found on Thursday, with a body temperature that had dropped to 90 degrees.

"Lost on a hunting trip, the grandmother of seven was lightly clothed and had no supplies or survival gear as overnight temperatures dropped into the 30s during her ordeal."

[So far so good. Sounds like one tough ol' bird who kept her wits and perserved against all odds.  But then suddenly the story takes a weird turn, which is what lands it here on this forum. You'll see why momentarily.  Trust me.]

"[Trooper Chris] Hawkins said he and Baker County Sheriff's Deputy Travis Ash were looking for scavenger birds when they heard, but did not see, a flock of ravens that led them to the woman.

"[Daughter Barbara] Moore said the famly considered it a miraculous intervention.  Family members said they believe the rescue was in God's hands because ravens are mentioned in the Bible."

[Reading on, we learn that the woman and her 74-year-old husband, Harold, were apparently on a bow hunting trip when their SUV got stuck. They started to walk to look for help, but Doris went back to the car while Harold forged on and that's how they got separated. The article concludes…]

"When he heard that his wife had been rescued, Harold Anderson said, he threw up his hands and said: "Praise God, she's alive."

Millions of innocent people die every year.  In 2005, 10.1 million children under 5 died, over half due to causes related to malnutrition.  (http://www.unicef.org).  God could save them, or at least some of them.  But noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!  Instead, he saves grandma, who got lost while out in the wilderness for the express purpose of trying to kill small furry creations of god with a bow and arrow for sport.

Lovely story. I'm sure all the bible-thumpers out there can't wait to use this story as an example of answered prayer. The family prayed for grandma and she survived. Hallelujah!!! What about 10 million dead kids. Wasn't anybody praying for them? I'm sure somebody out there was. Why weren't those prayers answered?

Oh right. It's all "part of God's plan."  "We can't pretend to understand the way of the Lord."  Get over it, you dumb asses. The ravens weren't hanging around grandma because god sent them there to help the rescue workers find her. They were waiting for her to die so they could enjoy a feast.