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What of the Moderates?

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04 March 2005 04:47

[quote author=“Conservative Atheist”]I am only tyring to encourage you to do something about your allegations of Constitutional assaults rather than just whining….......like a child.

No, you made the absurd suggestion that if I’m not willing to file a lawsuit I shouldn’t discuss a matter of constitutional violations (legal or ideological). Only a bully mentality or ignorance could cause someone to buy the ridiculous notion that unless you’re willing to invest the time, money and effort into a lawsuit you have no viable basis for complaint. In any case it’s obvious you can’t apply that ethic equitably without having to “put up or shut up” yourself.

I suggest you stop and think for a moment before continuing in what appears to be a case of letting your emotions hijack your intellect—you’re only damaging your own credibility.

Regardless, I have no obligation or inclination to cater to your personal sensibilities.


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