Challenge to Muslims.

Mr. Natural
Mr. Natural
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26 October 2005 13:28

I would like to offer up this challenge to any Muslims who may be reading this post. I am not a formally religious person, although the teachings of Buddhism & Taoism are an intregal part of my life. Are there any adherents to the Muslim tradition who would engage with me in a friendly & respectful spiritual dialogue?
While I am not a Theist, I would like to see what common ground we may find & possibly discover ways that will facilitate genuine dialogue.
Like many others in the Western world, I am very concerned over Muslim Fundamentalist violence in the world today. It would seem that the Muslim community must find a way not to take the Koran & Hadith, at least its many passages advocating violence, literally. Do you believe this is possible? While I am the first to admit that Fundamentalist Christianity poses a potentially serious threat to the liberty we enjoy in the United States, there are some relatively progressive elements in Christianity who wish to engage in dialogue with peace-loving people of various religions. Does Islam have this potential or is it a religious pipe dream to think so? Is large-scale conflict between the Christian & Muslim cultures inevitable? Or are there those in the Moslem world who are willing to explore the possibilty of long-term, enduring mutual respect & peace?
Please write to me direct if interested.
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