An anti-atheist op-ed in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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isocratic infidel
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The title alone of this canadian author’s opinion is a lie coupled with a misnomer. First, atheists don’t peddle any myths let alone empty ones and second, an evangelist by definition is a traveling preacher of NT christianity…so unless he’s refering to evangelicals out there preaching the virtues of unbelief according to NT christianity, the term as he is using it is an inaccurate epithet.
Like a good little christian apologist, Gray claims that faith in human freedom came from christianity in that it taught that humans alone, apart from other animals possess free will. Huh? What? In the head of the christianite, Plato’s concepts about rational self-governance (‘governance of the soul’) and Aristotles’ concept of voluntary action in the pre-hellenistic era had nothing to do with the human concept of free will. Granted, Augustine religified this philosophical concept, but christianity is certainly not the First Conceiver of the notion asssociated with free will.
Gray also asserts that the “need for meaning” overrides the “interest in truth” for most human beings as if this is a valid justification for attributing a truth value to myths. He goes on to assert that ...“myths can be more or less truthful in reflecting the human situation.” If he said useful instead of truthful he might have had a reasonable premise to work from. But he couldn’t do that because if he did he would arrive to the conclusion that the genesis story has no useful—let a lone truthful—value in helping human beings understand their “situation.” Rather, it provides a handy excuse to despise knowledge and women in general. (The “moral” of the adam and eve story is, according to Gray, about there being no prospect of a return to innocence….lovely spin, author.)
He also accuses secular humanism of attempting to “conceal” the myths of religion that “express enduring human realities.”
Any anti-evangelists out there attempting to conceal the myths of any era?
Gray is so far off base he’s in a hockey rink.
Gray ought to look more deeply into the egyptian and greek myths…they’re far more creative and expressive of “enduring human realities” than any of the christian myths.

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