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Theistic evolution bases itself on the fallacy that a supreme mind planned the course of evolution when natural selection had no such plan.[ To do that is to beg the question that a supreme mind had us in mind.]. The former is teleologic- goals and purposes ehereas the latter has none.Theists presuppose that God directed evolution whereas scientists show that selection has no need of direction,being itself the mindless director.Theists would have us believe that God deceives scientists in so thinking.No, selection is the force on its own. Now to obviate that contradiction theists call for the two category classificatin of origins[science] or contingency and creation[ teleology] or necessary being, but as Malcolm Diamond shows in his introductory book on philosophy of religion,they there beg the question of the second category.
Theistic evolution violates the principle of the Ockham[ See the ignostic-Ockham tooic.].
Logic is the bane of theists.