Anyone else read "Ancestor's Tale"?

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08 December 2005 08:07

Wondering if anyone else has checked this book out.  It is terrific.  A tour de force through evolution.  Filled with interesting facts, factoids, diversions, and anecdotes.  I particularly loved the section on the duck-billed platypus.  Plus, the whole thing let me sleep easier; after seeing the clear logic so carefully laid out, I don't feel the need to scream about creationism/ID to anyone who will listen.  The perfect antidote to ANY questions regarding evolution is to refer people to this book…

A few (minor) gripes:  Dawkins spends a lot of time telling you about what he will go into greater detail about later, instead of just covering it now or saving it for later.  He also references his earlier books, in an annoying fashion, i.e. I covered this in my earlier book BLANK, so I won't go into it here.  As I've only read the Selfish Gene, this was pretty frustrating.  These things aside, it is an entertaining, though-provoking inspired and inspiring read.