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Pause a moment, reflect back.

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28 December 2008 01:06

coolbear, your “analysis” is stilted and deviously misleading in its context.  You have deliberately listed items that specifically omit the context of those historical events.  You conveneintly ignored the REASONS for the actions you listed.  Luckily for you, you found Dee and arildno, the local paranoid schizophrenics, to gobbel up your uninformed drivel withotu asking questions.  Maybe you should spend even a few minutes before posting looking into what sorts of issues these ppl have with the US or Israel and the history of those issues.  I guess that would be too much to ask of an intellectual infant such as yourself.


“Those who stick their heads in the sand, will have them chopped off by death cultists pretty soon”

The only ppl with their head in the sand, or rather up their ass, are you, Dee, and coolbear who are all too blissfully stupid to do actual research into the historical events you are bitching about.  You love to pretend these actions were done because of a religious view instead exclusively and anyone bothering you with actual fact-based information and expert analyses regarding their political motives and soci-economic influence behind theseattacks you treat as a naive anti-American. 

burt wasn’t sticking his head in the sand.  Nor am I or anyone else when we point out your idiocy.  The notion that we are better served to ignore the past and their historical context and the motivations for such events is so impeccably stupid it could only come from Dee’s mouth if she knew her fellow paranoid schizophrenic, arildno, would pick up the baton for her.

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