Why The Illogic Of The Bible And Koran Hides From Scientific Inquiry

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29 June 2011 12:39

The conceptual mind must separate and objectify its perceptual input.
“Things” .....including its perception of autonomy….exist only only in the mind’s conceptual overlay.
When a gap occurs in the mind map it is filled it in with an imagined creative force.
And that force must have a conceptualized form.
For the thinking mind,  a god without form (which includes the perception of a formless god) is no god at all.
In order for Him to be “real” He has to be colored in.
The function of all religious books is to create an image in the mind which are not subject to the normal critical thinking
that the brain needs to survive.
The image of a personal god creates a blind spot in the mind and is almost invulnerable to logical thought.