And for all you readers who are not sam,  so you can understand

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30 July 2011 10:40

Some background,  please excuse my repetition….

I never read a word of his stuff but sent a 6 or 8 line comment about a topic he claims knowledge I’ve been immersed in for decades.

Immediately back comes an email which was an “emotional bowel movement”  ...  apparent loss of control of bowels like we get when seriously freaked out (apparently by what I said)  he throws it at another scholar that has come into his mind.  Vile invective at a third person he apparently has a thing for,  so to speak.  Nothing at all exhibiting knowledge about a big topic,  not good natured,  at all informed by experience ....  full bore arrogance and glaring ignorance not to mention unseemly loss of professionalism. 

In normal humans this is a stage that ends shortly after the crib,  its common in chimps and people who reside in mental institutions.  It gets them there.

This is worth dwelling for at least a bit because:  humans allowing kookoo emotions to drive their thinking and behavior ...  that may do us in ....  after a messy decline.  It’s the bottom line.

In Buddhism you heal ....  to total clarity ... those kookoo emotions.  People who are pumping out negativity like that are obviously immersed in it and do tend to want to spread their misery around.  What an awful way to go ....  yet we have volition ...  or do we,  some of us do but only if we complete the developmental milestones of the psyche of a healthy high functioning adult.

We need people with depth of character to get behind their own emotional issues.  Then if there is a great intellect it will be controlled by great motives.

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