Initiating dialog

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20 February 2005 11:05

I agree in principle with the idea of open dialog between various types of believers, but I just cant get past the idea that if I am successful in challenging my friends' beliefs, I am telling children that there is no Santa. Yes I know this is arrogant, but they seem so child-like with their little fables. And by-the-way not quiet as arrogant as believing the the creator of this universe created you in his image.

Also, I worry that many folks are made better citizens by belief that "The Father" is watching them, and that they need to be "good". In a fairly homogeneous society, some religions tend to make people better citizens. This concern would not exist, if my neighbors were burning witches, but by then it would be too late, and I would keep silent out of fear.

A tough problem. Maybe I will by the book.