UC San Diego Event: Cult Led By Fugitive Charged With Rape

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18 October 2006 03:17

A cult led by a Korean fugitive wanted for rape by the Korean Police and Interpol is holding an event at the University of Californa's San Diego campus, this Saturday.

Here is Rick's page on this group:
My site:

Here is the invite, straight from senior American leaders:

Dear Leaders and MS,

In San Diego, we will hold an evangelism rally on October 22nd at University of California, San Diego. All are welcome to attend! Also, this event will be a good opportunity for a newcomer who is interested in Peace Model to participate in. Pastor Bo Yun, a Peace Model director in Korea, will be coordinating the fashion show. Please contact me if you should have any questions.

Thank you very much!


Pastor Wing
Jewel Ministries

Place: UCSD Ballroom
Date: October 22nd
Time: TBA (evening time)
Dress Code: Semi-formal

An expose on this peace model group appeared in the Korean press earlier this year, a rough translation is on my site here, it's interesting!

And here is a brief clip from a speech given by the leader translated by the cult's senior American guy.
It gives you a taste of what American leaders are told: get up at 2am, the cult leader can kill his critics etc etc.
click here

I contacted the FBI, no responce.
I contacted UCSD student services and their student newspaper, no reply.
I did have the LA branch of a major Japenese network going along, but Kim Jeong-il and his nukes are taking up all their time.

This event has just 2 purposes,
1)  Introduce beautiful girls to the cult and bring them to the attention of the cult leader, who will watch video of the event in his China hideout.

2) Raise money for a wanted fugitive.

There will definately be contact between senior American members and the fugitive leader this weekend, which is why I thought the FBI would be interested, but alas.

So…. would anybody like to go along and check it out?
Or anyone have any media contacts of people who might be interested?

If I was in US, I'd make it for sure, but I'm in Korea.

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15 November 2006 17:50

Wow what a trippy few weeks!

My site got killed by the cult, but I’m wrking on a replacement…

Regarding the cult event at San Deigo, their student newspaper just published a very detailed piece on it….


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18 November 2006 23:18

[quote author=“CaptPorridge”]
My site got killed by the cult, but I’m working on a replacement…

Replacement is up, actually it’s not a replacement exactly, I’m still working on that, but it is a mirror image of my site as backed-up in October, a few weeks before my site was killed.

And interestingly enough, I am sure the cult’s efforts to get my material off line, both my own site and my youtube vids, was all a direct result of the San Diego Guardian gathering info for their article.

Here’s my site: