introduc believers to symbolism - Day The Earth Stood Still

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A spacecraft lands in Washington, D.C., carrying a humanoid messenger from another world (Michael Rennie) - Klaatu - imparting a warning to the people of Earth to cease their violent behavior. But panic ensues as the messenger lands and is shot by a nervous soldier. His large robot companion destroys the Capitol as the messenger escapes the confines of the hospital. He moves in with a family as a boarder and blends into society to observe the full range of the human experience. Director Robert Wise (West Side Story) not only provides one of the most recognizable icons of the science fiction world in his depiction of the massive robot loyal to his master, but he avoids the obvious camp elements of the story to create a quiet and observant story highlighting both the good and the bad in human nature.

The following template as outlined by Alan Alford is used in virtually all religious with roots in Sumeria (ancient near east) and Egypt:

descent from the heavens (birth)
penetration into the underworld/earth (death)
reemerging from the underworld (resurrection/rebirth)
reascent to the heavens (to be with god)

The writer, Edmund North decided to encode/symbolize the story of Jesus within the movie:

1) Klaatu descends from earth (spacecraft in this case)
2) Klaatu has a message for mankind
3) Klaatu is persecuted because of this message/methodology - shot in opening scene
4) Klaatu steals a soldier's uniform (Klaatu is at Walter Reed) with the name of Carpenter on it (i.e. Jesus was a carpenter)
5) Klaatu is hunted down and shot/killed
6) Gort (the "godlike" robot presence who came along with Klaatu) carries him back to the ship and reanimates him (resurrection)
7) Klaatu eventually goes back to the heavens (reascent)

Further symbolic examples to bring up with believers.

In the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead:

The corpse of Osiris entered the mountain (earth) but the soul of Osiris walked out shining…..... he came forth from death, a shining thing, his face white with heat.

Per the Exodus story when Moses ascends and descends (template from above) the "mountain" to talk with god/Yahweh, his face "emanated rays" (Torah) or was "white with heat".

Same symbolism, same story.

Another example:

1) in Revelation 1:14 (and Daniel 7:9), Jesus is described as having "His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire.

2) in the Book of Enoch (mentioned in the OT but the book was not canonized) - Dead Sea Scrolls - when Noah was born he was described as "having hair white as wool and eyes that lit up the room"

3) Santa Claus is described as having hair "white as wool" and "red cheeks"

The symbolism is consistent with meteorites AND the 4-step template described above.

Our ancestors were FAR more adept at language and symbolism, IMHO, than we have been led to believer.  Symbolism IS the name of the (religious) game.


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Those who read religious texts and take everything in them as absolute fact still have the beliefs and concepts of children. They must be allowed to grow and one of the best ways is introducing concepts through symbolism.