Bigotry and reason : not what you think

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27 August 2011 20:40

We just got started talking about this subject and everything got lost in the shuffle . However I know that the word “bigot” or “bigotry” needs to be examined. It comes down to fairness. Maybe I should say what it MEANS needs to be ascertained. It’s become a scapegoat for many other more appropriate words .

Since the big row over the massacre in Norway it seems that everyone but the Pope has been accused of bigotry.I’m tuned in to the European 24 hr. news machine and know that many individuals and groups have been called bigots. Some for no other reason than they have been considered “far-right” ( which is often a misnomer in itself ) That’s nonsense ,of course, because the two words “bigot” and “far-right” are not synonymous as the cry-babies on the other side want you to think.


This is not about Geert Wilders, but he did inspire my irritation over the misuse of the “B” word. 95% of the time the stuff they call him is a lie, but “bigot” is their favorite word.


Is the subject of bigotry a complicated one ? I used to think so , but I’ve come to the conclusion that (pardon my caps , but this needs to be emphasized ) YOU CAN NOT UNDERSTAND SOMETHING OR SOMEONE AND BE BIGOTED AGAINST IT AT THE SAME TIME.


Too simple ? Not really. That’s because , if you understand the subject and find you still can not accept it then your dislike of whatever it is is warranted- or in other words, it is reasonable.. And bigotry isn’t reasonable. Example : If you hate NAZISM are you bigoted ? Or is your dislike reasonable ( therefore not wrong _? Why anyone can’t figure that out is hard to is beyond me .

Lack of tolerance is not the problem either. There are some things that should not be tolerated, and when that happens intolerance is NOT bigotry . That’s easy to figure out isn’t it ? How can anyone argue that ? Oh, I know there are always those who say that’s all wrong, but they are people who never really stopped to think about it. That’s the kind of jokers who always call everyone who rejects multiculturalism a “bigot ” . They never stopped to think—; they are all about emotion.


Bigotry is a BLIND thing. If you hate or refuse to tolerate something you have no understanding of then you are not fair. If you dislike something and your eyes are wide open you should not be called prejudiced.


YOU CAN NOT BE BIGOTED AGAINST SOMETHING YOU UNDERSTAND . So far I have not found any explanation of why that is incorrect .