Humor vs. Religion

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23 June 2011 18:25

After reading The End of Faith a few years ago, I felt moved to do something.  I wanted to do my bit to help remove the harmful influence of religion.

Humor (humor about religion) seemed like the best way to attack religion and religious faith.  This conclusion was based partly on Stephen Pinker’s book How the Mind Works and his chapter on humor.

As a service to humanity (and because it amused me) I put together a collection of humor about religion called The Chronicles of Zordack, by Timothy J. Truett.  You can get it on as a paperback or an eBook.

Lest you think this is mere crass commercialism, and not (as it is) an attempt to help overthrow the grip that religion has on so many minds, I should point out that if you buy a copy I will make exactly 14 cents.  I’m not in it for the money.

I have also enjoyed George Carlin’s performances when he talked about religion.  I would like to hear from other people who have thoughts on the subversive power of humor.