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Jehovah's Witnesses

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02 May 2007 00:40

This might be of interest. Notice that the link will be dead in a few days, because JW has sent a lawyer on the host to get it removed:


Kingdom Ministry School Course

A copy of this textbook is issued to each appointed elder,
and he may retain it as long as he continues to serve as an
elder in any congregation. At such time as he should cease
to serve in that capacity, his copy of the book must be
handed over to the Congregation Service Committee,
since this publication is congregation property. No copies
are to be made of any part of this publication.

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28 May 2007 04:09

Hi Noggin, et al. I haven’t been by in a while, in large part because I have a life now. I found your rage at JW’s to be interesting, it is one of the most interesting facets of those who leave, but not necesarrily among those who merely “studied”.

The blood thing is now increasingly ridiculous and untenable since JW’s now allow blood fractions to be used, which must be harvested from blood that according to their interpretation of the bible, must be poured out on the ground without question. How can you get fractions unless they break their own laws in the first place?

I think one of the things that is best known about JW’s is the fact that they believe everyone but them is going to die. It was seeing 9/11 over and over again and realizing that this was what I was teaching would happen to everyone that really got me thinking about being a JW. We mourn them now, and yet, this is what I am saying will happen! Mass destruction of all non believers. That’s what you get for worshiping the Old Testament god, whose name we don’t even know… What folly!

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