David’s “kingdom”

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22 September 2008 09:38

Jerusalem during the reign of David and Solomon was roughly the size of any one and only one of the following towns (i.e. somewhat less than 5000 people):

1. Soda Springs, ID
2. Stockbridge, MA
3. Newport, VT
4. Pembroke, NH
5. Rumford, ME
6. Ely, NV

It should be noted that 5000 is a high estimate. It is possible that 5000 is overstating “King David’s huge dominion.”

Fish stories abound. It is hysterical that the story of a Canaanite robber chieftain ruling over a very tiny hamlet morphed into the whopper that we find in the Bible. 

A bit of additional information:

Jerusalem during the time of David and Solomon was “perhaps not more than a typical hill-country village.” - Israel Finkelstein

In his book, “The Bible Unearthed,” Mr. Finkelstein writes with Neil Silberman, “Not only was any sign of monumental architecture missing, but so were even simple pottery shards.”