Trained to trust and admire the wrong people.

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28 November 2008 07:41

We in Western societies often are trained not to think for ourselves but bend to an agenda determined by dubious political forces. There are forces attempting to pull public opinion in many directions. However some political machines use unethical means to obtain their goals. The Israeli and Jewish lobbies come immediately to mind. Questioning is not allowed and anyone who does is branded as anti-semitic. When any question or dissent is swiftly and powerfully crushed there is a VERY, VERY serious problem. The following from Stout is very telling.

Stout writes:

“Our respect for people who appear to be inspired and benevolent leaders can be abused to cataclysmic ends. With a leader, especially one who claims to have a sublime mission, as with a doctor or a priest or a parent, we tend to bestow the qualities of the role on the individual, and to follow the individual accordingly…

“Usually human cruelty increases when an aggressive sociopath gains an uncanny, almost hypnotic control over large numbers of people. History is full of chieftains, prophets, saviors, gurus, dictators, and other sociopathic megalomaniacs who managed to obtain support…

“Insidiously, when such a ‘savior’ abducts the normal population to his purposes, he usually begins with an appeal to them as good people who would like to improve the condition of humanity, and then insists that they can achieve this by following his own aggressive plan.

“In a confusing irony, conscience can be rendered partially blind because people without conscience use, as weapons against us, many of the fundamentally positive tools we need to hold society together—empathic emotions, sexual bonds, social and professional roles, regard for the compassionate and the creative, our desire to make the world a better place, and the organizing rule of authority.

“And people who do hideous things do not look like hideous things. There is no ‘face of evil.’...

“In the real world, the bad guys do not look the way they are supposed to. They do not resemble werewolves or Hannibal Lechter…They look like us.”


“...the entire culture reflects the sociopathic personalities of its founders and early leaders. I think you see it in the propensity to lie to further either cultural or personal goals, for instance.”