Conficker Worm—Beware!

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29 March 2009 16:58

60 Minutes has a story about Conficker. Conficker is spreading through the internet now and at least 10 million computers have already been affected. The virus is laying dormant as if awaiting further instructions. The primary target will be social networking sites. Friends who visit an account can be victim to bank account fraud and the stealing of passwords and credit card numbers. The hackers are working to counteract the anti-virus and malware software. They can also stop a victim from upgrading or updating their anti-virus protection.

Leslie Stahl interviewed a man who chases hackers. They are mostly from Russia and they actually have ads on line and boast about the money they’ve stolen from Americans. They are viewed as heroes in their own country. They are as young as 14 yrs. old. The Conficker worm continuously mutates and it takes experts working around the clock for several days to stop it from doing damage to a company like CBS, which was infected as the story was being produced.