Evolution is too damn slow!

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18 October 2010 09:43

As humans we reached a point where we can genetecly engineer are dna and are genes shaping are paths. 1. Stem cells research 2. Anti aging= imortallity over time 3. designing smarter, taller gene pools = producing off springs as smart as Albert Einstine and as tall as Michael Jordan, and as Strong as Mohamed Ali. Thats shaping youyr own evolution path in the direction we want. Thier are some people who are immune to aids their body defence fights and defends well and wins. 99% of all humans would get weakend by aids if everyone get his gene trai then that virus wont touch humans or the few. Conclusion ??? 1.Drop religion entirely 2. promote and fund all scientific research and uncode the human DNA. 3. The future doesnt come to you, you create it in the way you invision it or want it. The future is for the youth to take and the old to observe!  Two predictions: 1. religion battles and wins like it did in 500 bc.-450 AD result was dark ages. Result this time could be Sam,s prediction Holy War=War on terror aka Christainity Vs Islam. 2.Athiest will total=70% of american population and promote science, case closed.