A suggestion

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03 June 2006 03:59

Sorry, I posted this originally on the wrong discussion area.  Apologies.


Just a thought - don't know how viable it is.

Is it possible to grant to the creator of a thread some sort of topic-ignore function? It could be a way of trying to ensure a thread stays on topic.

For example. Say I create a thread (like now). And say I'm interested in what everyone has to say except one or 2 specific people. As the creator of the thread, I'd be able to place said people into a topic-ignore list (only upon creation of the thread), and no-one would see their posts. And of course, the ignore will only pertain to that one thread.

What's the opinions out there? Too much? Not enough?

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07 June 2006 04:19

It’s Heat versus Mavericks!
Innoculate the kids. Stock up on chips. Disconnect the phone. Close all window blinds. There’s a Shaq-Attack alert, code red!

(jus’ kidding), but I don’t think that it would work. Plus one of the skills that we develop here (have to get something out of it) is in defending, focusing, disarming, attacking, smoking the peace pipe (virtual-ganga), yada-yada. When you go outside the house, you need it all.

PS-That’s National Basketball Association (i.e. ‘Merican Rugby… hey, he touched me, FOUL!) :D