Call to action

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22 December 2004 13:40

Please excuse my lack of preperation and spelling but I don't have a lot of time.  We are in a life and death struggle with a politcal movement that has a religious idealogy that least of all wants to dominate the world.  Its' basis is Islam and its means is force and indiscrimante violence.
    I don't have time for philosophical hair splitting and or introspection. Nor do I much care about red states, blue states or Christianity unless it is related to defrocking and exposing radical Muslims for the clear and present danger that they are.
    I am looking for information and action that could lead to the revoking of any religious orginization's tax exemption be it federal, state or local that preaches hate and violence as a way to attaining their goals.
    Perhaps a law that requires all religious enties to recognize the complete equality of women—-no exceptions.  Maybe an oath to forgo the use of Jihad or force of any kind to accomplish its' goals?
    I know some of this may present formiable hurdles, but what choice do we have?  Any ideas are welcome.  I look forward to your responses.
Steve Woodruff