Atheism Tapes, Interviews by Jonanthan Miller

Auld Clootie
Auld Clootie
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07 October 2006 03:26

I've uploaded six audio interviews by Jonathan Miller for free download at this address:

Jonathan Miller meets up with some of the key contributors from his three-part Brief History of Disbelief in these half-hour extended conversations. These interviews were originally on UK BBC, 2004. For those who want to see the same interviews in video, go to

Each mp3 file is approx. 10Mb

1 Colin McGinn
2 Steven Weinberg
3 Arthur Miller
4 Richard Dawkins
5 Denys Turner
6 Daniel Dennett

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07 October 2006 12:54

You can also download them from my website, but they are all in one huge file.