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How to have a Lucid Dream…

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16 September 2007 05:24

I’ve had a few LucidDreams, and have tried (but mostly to no avail!) to consciously generate them…

Most of mine have consisted of me hurtling like a hover-craft across grassy medows, my nose just off the ground! Whenever I try to take further control, I start to lose control and the dream often comes apart…

Pretty cool though…

I’d love to have one every night

And hopefuly progress from ‘nose-surfing’ to something a little more gracious!

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22 September 2007 00:50
snakechic - 16 January 2007 11:33 PM

I know there are several medications that as a side effect produce very lucid dreams.

SOme find it extremely disturbing - the odd suicidal fantasy.
Not nice.

No wonder patients refuse them.

Those experiences are enough to help turn ‘reality’ into the matrix.

They aren’t enjoyable.

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