Ecological Morality

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07 December 2006 13:56

Why do narrow-focused vitriolic agendas like anti-abortion get all the mainstream public attention when our lack-of-action on climate-change, species-extinction and resource-depletion, will almost undoubtedly cause a future mass-abortion of a majority of life on Earth, including humans! Is abortion kosher to a fundamentalist Christian, if it fits into a "silver-lining" apocalyptic worldview? Here's a great preview video for a future documentary campaign that's coming soon:

Call of Life: Facing The Mass Extinction ( video / website )
Human beings are on the verge of causing a mass extinction of life on Earth. A majority of the world's biologists now believe that if current trends continue, half of all species of plants and animals living today will be extinct in less than 100 years. The general public, however, is almost entirely unaware of this crisis. In interviews with leading scientists, psychologists, historians and anthropologists, this film examines the inextricable links between the extinction crisis and our social & economic problems; bridging disciplines to weave science, psychology, and cultural history into a clear and accessible story of our changing world. The audience is taken into the depths of the human psyche, through the toughest problems of our times and into the cutting edge of what nature has to teach us. The mass extinction is possibly the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced, and it is those of us alive today who have been given the responsibility - and great opportunity - of stopping it.