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24 December 2004 02:31

A study conducted by Dr. Marjorie Taylor at the U of Oregon at Eugene concludes that imaginary friends are a common occurrence. Almost 65% of children have these playmates, and a third of these play with their "friends" through age seven. (You can probably see where I'm going with this)  Dr. Taylor continues,

And even in adulthood, people's lives include traces of imaginary friends—such as when they become overly interested in characters from books or movies.

Dr. Taylor, do you mean characters like Jesus?  Is it still imaginary if millions of people are claiming to "have a personal relationship" with this character?  Are you saying that many of our fellow citizens are living in a fantasy world and subjecting the rest of us to their nightmares?  How can we get them to wake up, or at least leave us alone?  Maybe a private island, or a spaceship to the moon? 

For a report on the study, look