Trump is bad, I know, but…. 

A fat Bastard
A fat Bastard
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23 September 2017 01:22

I think trump is, what John Cleese talk about, so stupid that he can’t know how stupid he is, because that requires some level of intelligence, that he don’t have.

But some of the critics is going too far. Now everything he says is wrong. I watched David packman and others and I will say they go too far.

Then you start undermining yourself. When you go too far, you level down the value of what comes out of you. It’s stupid. And intellectual suicide.


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25 September 2017 20:12

>Dunning—Kruger effect

I don’t think it’s possible to verbalise just how stupid and undeserved Dumbf is of his station (...some might even extend that to oxygen!).  The dullard invites ridicule and reprehension with every imbecilic flatulence he phonates into barely-intelligible garble.  All the critique that is directed at him, is almost entirely condign.  Critique that, in fact, always existed — in a microcosmic, New York biome — only now going global, as result of where this dotard has ended up.

If more people knew who Dumbf actually was, he would have never been allowed to run on a Redbloodlicken candidacy ticket; much less, ended up in the beltway.  My guess is, Dumbf—himself—never was quiet sure of how palatable his idiotic stylings would be to a wider public.  It wasn’t until after the success of his reality T.V. schlock, that he got a taste of the extant, abject stupidity contained—untapped—in the largely uneducated, U.S. voting public, and he finally grew the wantons to make good on his promise to run for office.  The zeitgeist perfect storm that he rode the crest of, was happenstance parlayed into opportunism.

Not unlike how the Devil is oft depicted to dissemble itself, Dumbf hid his stupidity in plain sight — anonymity through celebrity.  Everything about this bleating, geriatric infant, is utterly incongruous and inconceivable.. were he now not POTUS, that is.

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