The Disgusting Zionist Vilification of Iran

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23 September 2017 19:44

Iran are Shi’ah — Sunni Islam is the proud purveyor of so-called “terrorism” — the asymmetrical, non nation state enemy the M.I.C. and warfare banksters have been wet-dreaming of for time immemorial.  Iran is the party that sat down to the negotiation table to eke out a nuclear agreement.  Iran is the nation that had arguably the most liberal form of Islam the world has known—before the oil hungry C.I.A. eliminated Mosaddegh and left a vacuum for hardliners to fill.

SAUDI ARABIA are the Islamic theocracy promulgating, promoting and pushing barbaric Wahhabism throughout the Islamic world.  SAUDI ARABIA are the party who were fingered as the most connected with the financing and facilitating of the September 11, 2001 attacks.  SAUDI ARABIA are the nation who — despite its abysmal human rights track record, “jihad” mongering et al. — the U.S. sell high technology arms to.

The UNITED STATES (lit. the U.S.-Zionist Alliance) are the gun runners of the world — arming their proxy pirates, “ISIS”, and the equipollently egregious, “Free Syrian Army”, with weapons of mayhem.  The UNITED STATES are the nation that continually propagates, perpetuates and profits from false flag wars throughout the globe.  The UNITED STATES are the military vassal state of Israel — the veritable ‘brawn’ to the Zionists’ ‘brain’, who enable the latter cult to realise their warped delusions of Rapture.

ISRAEL are run by nihilist Zionists, who are bent on fulfilling fairy tale biblical imprimatur.  ISRAEL are the party who ignored C.I.A. entreaty to eschew ‘over-hacking’ Iran’s centrifuges (see:‘Olympic Games’ / a.k.a. “Stuxnet” virus) — resulting in the eight-fold increase of Iran’s fissile material production.  ISRAEL are the illegal state of interloping, land-grabbing zealots, who have a political directive to create nuclear [H]olocaust™ (all rights reserved), were their usurped lands ever ceded (see: ‘Samson Option’).  ISRAEL are the nation state that dictates U.S. foreign policy and puppeteers the morally and otherwise corrupt U.S. Congress (see: AIPAC / erst. Zionist Council of America).

As such, how can the world keep a straight face while spouting vitriolic vilification of the titular Persian state?  Is this not the most ham-fisted and poorly-executed scapegoating of a nation since post-9/11 Iraq—with the infamous “WMD’s” / “anthrax” bunkum?  How many times will the grovelling, gormless, gourmand goyim brook such blatant belligerence by these brigands of Beëlzebub?

Is this the real life…?!

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24 September 2017 09:21

And it’s working. If Iran were on fire I wouldn’t piss on it to put it out, but I wouldn’t hesitate to piss on Israel.

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Hitchens Immortal
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10 October 2017 18:25

Iran is 100% a state sponsor of terrorism, you just don’t see it because you and European civilization aren’t their target right now.

All those proxy wars that have been going on long before any of us were alive in the middle east are Saudis and Iranians paying groups to gain dominance on ‘neutral ground’ like Iraq and Yemen and Israel. If I got a dollar for every non-Iraqi combatant we detained in Iraq I could buy a fucking Ferrari, cash. Hezbollah and Hamas are entirely Iranian-funded and designed to do nothing more than undermine Israel. Yeah, they’ll even happily pay Sunnis to fuck with Jews because that’s the one thing they can agree on hating more than each other.

Do we excuse them because they don’t hit us? Yup. Are we right to do so? Sure, if you’re only concerned about your own interests.

Having said that, work on your formatting and your bigotry. Both are incredibly hard to stomach.