CTE: The Death of Gridiron?

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25 September 2017 21:06

Chronic Traumatic Encyphalopathy isn’t new — the NFL have been futilely (and expensively) attempting to cover up this nefarious offshoot of its intrinsically violent sport, for decades

The difference today is that Neanderthals are starting to realise the obvious inimical effects of bashing their heads together for a living.  Of import, parents are seeing role-playing as bucking moose in mating season, probably isn’t the best course to chart for their children.  This leaves the NFL heading down a cul-de-sac that looks to end with the literal desinence of the sport it administers so propitiou$ly.

Without a deus ex machina introduction of magical technology — which protects the human brain from smacking against the skull upon external impact (...you know, ‘cause of pesky physics) — how can a sport so primordial in nature, ever hope to survive?  Are United Statesians so seduced by shekel, that they are willing to sign their not-to-distant-future lives away for a handful of bagels more today?  And if so, what of the victims of CTE sufferers—who’s “PTSD” manifests violently (or otherwise) on third parties…?  Would insurance companies even brook such huge risk?!

I cannot see how U.S. gridiron, in its current form, can continue.  Only legacy and nostalgia props the sport up currently.  In the future, as new fodder stocks dwindle, the sport will be left with no choice but to change its structure drastically — perhaps no longer being ‘gridiron’ per se, but some watered-down hybrid of itself and… err… volleyball(?).

Penitently, and perhaps even portentously, gridiron being the U.S.‘s national sport — the turmoil surrounding it could be construed as yet another sign of Rome’s impending collapse… /!\

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