We Are Anonymous—world wide group against Scientology

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16 February 2008 20:16

On the 10th of this month, protests in front of Scientology “churches” around the world occurred.

A group with no central leader, calling themselves Anonymous, led a successful set of peaceful demonstrations in front of Scientology buildings around the world. The event took place on Lisa McPhearson’s birthday. She was a member, and ultimate victim, of the cult. There is a trust in her name.

Mark Bunker is an outspoken critic of the cult and thanks Anonymous for their efforts. He also tells an interesting story about a meeting with a Scientologist.

Bunker’s website

Another protest is scheduled to commemorate L. Ron Hubbards’s birthday. Beware the Ides of March

Airy Spirit
Airy Spirit
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22 February 2008 00:36

I saw the demonstrations on Youtube. It was a truly amazing thing to see. 

Thanks Anonymous.

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06 April 2008 10:00

Please note that since the February 10th protest, there was another on March 15th which was even more successful.

On April 12th, join the protest called Operation Reconnect, whose intent is to raise public awareness of how Scientology destroys families and to encourage families that have been ‘disconnected’ by Scientology to reconnect again.

Refer to following websites for more information on this very dangerous and toxic cult

General information and the best place to start


The Anonymous Activism web site


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13 April 2008 21:56

If Anonymous would like to remain as such, it should stop raiding.  When I see /b/ on CNN, It really pisses me off.  And the fact that I am responding to this on Harris’ site?  Not your personal army is all I have to say NF.  /b/ could be a great weapon of truth, but the cancer has truly gone terminal.  *sigh*.  I mean….NZFG?  Are you kidding?  Friggin’ kids!


Sorry to all.