Is the “god” of the Torah really a skinhead?

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27 February 2008 02:38

According to the fictional scriptures this “loving parent” made numerous death threats and acted on the same. Just a few examples; drowning his children, killing the Egyptian first born, annihilating the peoples of Canaan, burning Sodom and Gomorrah, and killing Uzzah for touching the “Ark of the Covenant.” 

The “god” described in the Torah sounds more like someone who collects guns and uses them on a regular basis to kill people, wears a hood while burning crosses in the yards of those who are different, subjugates and abuses women, and lives off of money he beats out of his kids (tithes and offerings). The depiction of “god” as a refined man in a halo of light is very erroneous. The white robes part is accurate but artists need to add a white hood. When not depicted in robes/bedsheets it would be more accurate to depict “god” as a dude with racist tattoos, a shaved head, holding a rifle in one hand, and a hangman’s noose in the other. This “god” is not a being I would worship and I am amazed that people actually admit to believing in such a racist deity.

isocratic infidel
isocratic infidel
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27 February 2008 07:25

All gods seem to have their tyrannical, despotically fascistic side, don’t they?
I never could quite understand either, why would an all-powerful god would need to be worshipped? Being all-powerful and all, why would god have such a low self-esteem as to need its creatures to worship it?
Silly manimals… 
I’ve said this before, but it seems appropriate to repeat here:
P.1: IF absolute power corrupts
P.2: AND God has absolute power
C: THEN: God is corrupt.