Web Video Series Authors of Note (the list)

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23 October 2008 07:29

It dawned on me that it might be useful to compile a list of YouTube channels which address the menace of faith in its various aspects.  Not just YouTube.  Some publish on Google Video and other sites, but all are efforts deserving of our awareness.

Some of these video producers you’ve probably heard of by now, such as Pat Condell, and some you may not have seen yet.  I’ll start with links to a number of them I’m aware of, and I hope my fellow atheists will post others worthy of addition to the list.

I shall do my best to keep the original post updated with your suggestions.

Here we go!

Pat Condell

Thunderf00t - Author of the popular video series entitled Why do people laugh at creationists? and an outspoken opponent of fucktards who attack free speech with false DMCA claims.

AronRa - Author of the excellent and articulate web video series Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism.








ExtantDodo (Account suspended, for the FOURTH time, due to false DMCA takedowns by creationist fucktards)

That should be enough to get this list started.  In addition to your suggested video authors, your reviews and critiques of each will also help to compile an accurate brief description of each to aid viewers in finding what they seek.

While I would like to focus on authors who have taken the time and effort to produce entire series of videos, I don’t see why we can’t also make the rare exception and include single videos if they are shown to be important.

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