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“Christian Children”, “Muslim Children”, “Jewish Children”

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hollis - 03 September 2010 05:41 AM

oh, i forgot — there are about 10 more pix of her on my facebook page, if you’d like to see them.  one of them, with my best friend (my cat, Pooh — his ashes are in the urn with my husband’s), was autographed by Kinky Friedman!  my favorite one is of about 1/4 of my face — nose and eyes — covered with noxzema.  there are two pictures i can’t find, that i would love to have — one day (it was a sunday), i was sitting on the porcelain throne, doing the sunday times crossword, with my head bent over it.  i heard a click; my husband had just taken a picture of me.  i looked up and laughed, and as i laughed, he took another picture.  i’ve always thought they would have made a good diptych.  grin

there’s also an album of some of my favorite Andy Goldsworthy sculptures — he works with nature, mostly outdoors, unless it’s a commission for inside a building.  he even put a full-length tree in a ha-ha, which is on my album.  what he does with snow, ice, leaves, and trees is amazing.  have a look.

Hi Hollis:

I actually looked at your Facebook page! smile  Sorry I couldn’t help but be curious!
Tony Curtis dying is sad :(

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